An eternally late cfnm student

One thing is that this student is always late for the classes and his red-haired teacher always puts him bad marks in his record book, but you can imagine his surprise when he saw three sex-appeal youthful teachers expecting him after classes! He was really shocked as he had performed the role of the cfnm stripper for pretty long already (for his red-haired teacher of course), this time he had to gratify her and two buddies of hers at the same time!

So, after placing him on the table and getting him disrobed, naughty teachers made him feed his dolphin right before them and have own eyes glued on it for three hours at least!

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That kind of the cfnm story wasn’t expected by anyone of them! The extreme cfnm story finished in the jet of sperm!

See the continuation of this CFNM story!

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